Brew Your Own Coffee While Travelling to Avoid Bad Coffee

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Coffee is one of the most compelling thing in the morning to get out of the bed. Most of the coffee lovers can’t start their day without taking a sip of a strong filtered coffee. The fresh roasted ground coffee will help you to be active whole day.

But most of the coffee lovers may feel trouble to get the first cup of morning coffee while travelling, it is a very challenging task to get a scrumptious strong coffee in travel. Perhaps you can get the coffee from your hotel but they use the aluminum or plastic-filled pods to make a coffee and also they use only instant coffee powder or they charge a lot to give you a watery coffee.

If you are a type of person that who requires caffeine before interacting to humans in your everyday regime, then solution for this problem is to make your coffee by yourself. Yes, it may sound odd but brewing your own fresh organic coffee will give you more energy and activeness. If you want to be a lightweight traveler then there are many coffee making or brewing gadgets that won’t trouble you while travelling but also give a best brewed coffee when you feel inactive. Stepping out on the road in your travel and drinking a freshly brewed coffee will deepen the enjoyment of your destination.

Here are some best options for brewing on you go. But keep one thing in your mind that for all the options you need to have hot water, which most of the hotels offers you or if you are going on a camp then you need to carry a lightweight boiler or mobile stoves or kettles.


It is easier to carry ground coffee beans before you hit the road. But if you insist on freshly ground beans there is a good option, that is throw a hand grinder into your suitcase for coffee bean grinding. You can also carry the freshly ground coffee in an airtight container which keeps the coffee aroma fresh.


If you want to get a pressed coffee then there are many French press coffee making tools which helps you in the way of brewing your ground coffee. If you prefer pour over method then you can get the cone brewing kits which gives you a delicious fresh coffee.


Whether you are using a pre-ground or freshly ground beans, Aeropress is one of the simple options for making coffee on travel. The plastic contraption is very useful for making Aeropress coffee which is very easy to clean in a sink and easy to carry in the travel bag.


If all the above options are complicated to follow then try a new crop of single –use pour-over coffees.

pour over coffee

So, above are the ways that helps you in your travel to get a perfectly ground fresh coffee which helps to kick start your journey.


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