Drink Coffee to Have Healthy Liver

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Coffee is the most preferred beverage by many of the people and many of us have a habit to start our day with a cup of coffee as it refreshes our mood and mind. The caffeine contain in the coffee picks up who are not naturally early risers. The recent studies have proved that it is not good to skip the morning brew and the good news for the coffee lovers is that daily having three to four cups of coffee is healthy and it makes you stay away from dangerous health issues like liver ailments.

Coffee not only help to boost your energy levels and it has various medicinal health benefits like caffeine and antioxidants that are mainly found in coffee beans than any other supplements.

The recent research has found that the individuals who has consume at least three cups of coffee are more likely to have lower levels of abnormal liver enzymes.

A study has conducted for more than 14,000 Americans has proved that about 21 percent of the people who drank three cups of coffee are less hospitalized and low prone to liver related diseases. Later researches also stated that having low and moderate coffee level is not harmful to the liver. One liver specialized says that coffee in take is not only good for health and it also lower down the risk of advanced liver diseases.

Daily in take of coffee leads to more consumption of caffeine, but the good news is that caffeinated coffee is advantageous to the liver. These facts are not only stated using the recent studies it is also proved by the research conducted in mid-1990’s that involves more than 215,00 man and women and the final research stated that few cups of coffee a day can help to protect form liver cancer and low downs the risk of dying from chronic liver disease.

Coffee has a high level of antioxidants that reduce free radicals which may lead to cause of degradation cells that helps to develop some cancer tissues in the body. These antioxidants are highly found in coffee beans that are beneficial to treat non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and reduces the risk of liver cancer.

A research has followed for 18 years during which 451 of the people was diagnosed and they are suffering from most common liver cancer and where as 654 are died due to chronic liver disease. But where as the people who has consumed three to four cups of coffee about thirty-eight percentage everyday has the lower risk of developing hepatocellular carcinoma. About forty-one percent of the people who have consumed more than four cups of coffee has low risk of diseases than who never drink coffee.

So when chronic liver disease is considered, 46 percent of the people who drank two to three cup daily has reduced the risk of the disease and those who drank more about 71 percent has dropped the risk of mortality from their condition.

Overall coffee has various health benefits, so making a habit to have a cup of coffee daily makes you stay away from dangerous chronic diseases. It is better go with an organic coffee to avoid ingesting pesticides and other harmful substances.


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