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Key Differences between Light, Medium, Dark Roast Coffee

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Here is the interesting topic for the coffee lovers that is the key differences between light, medium, and dark roast of coffee beans. The roasting process has a crucial impact on the taste and flavor of the coffee. There is much difference between the light, medium, and dark roasted beans they differ more than the color that the caffeine content, the brewing temperature is distinct.


One thing you should know about coffee roasting is that nothing is an accident in coffee roasting, each coffee bean is roasted to the light, medium, dark color to bring out the real flavors and taste in it.

Characteristics of Lightly Roasted Coffee Beans:

  • Light roasts look like a light brown and tan in color.
  • They retain the most original flavors of the coffee beans.
  • They have the high acidic value and brightest of the three roast levels.
  • They taste as the original coffee which gives you a fresh fruity taste of coffee bean.
  • They contain a high amount of caffeine and it has a light body.
  • A lightly roasted bean generally reaches its temperature from 180-205 degrees Celsius and doesn’t have any coffee oils on it.

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Characteristics of Medium Roasted Coffee Beans:

  • Medium roast beans look like a darker brown color than the lightly roasted beans.
  • There are some visible coffee oils on the surface of the medium roasted beans.
  • The Brewers believe that the medium roasted beans have the balanced acidic value and aroma.
  • The medium roasted coffee has less caffeine content compared to the lightly roasted.
  • They are roasted in the temperature of 210-220 degrees Celsius and they give you a rich taste of coffee.


Characteristics of Dark Roasted Coffee Beans:

  • The Dark roasted beans look like a dark brown and almost black in color.
  • Oils appear on the surface of the bean at this point.
  • Dark roasts are bold, rich, and give you the dark flavor of the coffee bean.
  • They have the less acidic values due to high roasting.
  • The coffee beans are roasted at 240-250 degrees Celsius to make it dark.
  • These dark roasted beans have features of tar and charcoal flavor.
  • When the coffee bean roasts become darker, the original flavor of the coffee reduces and the caffeine content decreases drastically.
SNS cafe - swiss water processed
SNS cafe – swiss water processed

So, these are the characteristics of the light, medium, dark roasted organic coffee beans.

Benefits of the 3 level roasted coffee beans:

  • Coming to lightly roasted coffee beans benefits, these are found easily in higher quality. If beans are carefully roasted and brewed, you can taste the real flavor of the coffee which lifts your mood.
  • The benefits of medium roasted beans are, they have balanced combination of acidic values and caffeine. It gives high aromatic experiences while drinking and makes your mind feel relaxed.
  • Coming to the dark roasted beans, they have the highest quantity of roasted flavors. If you want your coffee to be a real kick without any intrinsic flavors of the coffee, then the dark roasted coffee mostly suits your taste.

So, choose your roasting level of the coffee according to your taste preferences and enjoy the health benefits with a cup of freshly roasted coffee.




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