Tips to Store Your Coffee Beans fresh for Longer

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Are you a coffee lover like me and don’t know how to store your coffee beans? Don’t worry, this article would help you out by suggesting the best ways to preserve your coffee beans fresh for longer. A fresh cup of coffee is the best way to boost your energy levels to make your day fresh and perform better.

Go for Fresh:

It is a known fact that how well you store your coffee beans it no longer gives you the best taste if you bought older coffee beans. So when purchasing look for a roast date on the bag and ensure your bag is vacuum-sealed. So that you will have an idea when the beans have been roasted.

If you like to go with dark roast coffee, then look for a few days of roast, for light roast coffee beans the roast date can be 1-2 weeks old. This is the easiest way to ensure you would get a decent cup of coffee.

Grinding your coffee at your home freshly prior to brewing would be the right option to experience a fresh coffee. If you can’t grind by yourself, then get small amounts of coffee regularly.  

Whole Bean Coffee:

If you want to taste the perfect brew, go with whole bean coffee. As pre-grounded coffee can lose its freshness and aroma quickly, thus becomes stale.   

Check Out the Below Factors to Extend the Life of Your Coffee Beans:


Storing your coffee beans in a refrigerator or freezer would be a bad option because the coffee can observe the flavors easily which are stored in the frig. So place the coffee beans in an airtight bags.


When the coffee is exposed to air it loses its flavor, so seal it in an airtight bag to extend its life.

Heat and Light:

The light and heat can destroy the flavor of the coffee. Keep away from heat to extend its freshness.


Consider the Roast Level:

  • Roast level plays a vital role in the coffee freshness. Regardless how you store your coffee beans, dark roasted beans can go stale quicker.
  • Oil on the coffee beans is an indication that the beans are over-roasted when it is over roasted the carbon-dioxide pushes the oil out of the pores. Over roasted beans gives you burned taste. Well, roasted beans have retained oils that enhance the taste and texture of the coffee.   
  • Switch to medium-dark roasted to extend the freshness.
  • With home–roasting you can get fresh coffee in the exact amount you want and it can save your money as well.

Storing Options:


Seal the coffee bag as tightly as possible and store it in a cupboard which is away from moisture, heat and light.


Place the coffee beans in the glass or any container and store it in a dark cabinet to extend the life of the coffee.

Vacuum Sealed container:

To have the same taste of the coffee from the first to the last spoon store it in a vacuum sealed container it never goes stale.

By following the above-suggested recommendation you can easily store your coffee beans for a longer time and have a perfect cup of coffee which you love the most.

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