Important Things About Whole Bean Coffee You Need to Know

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This story of the discovery of coffee has different stories. But the best-known tale dates back to 850 AD, about a young shepherd named Kaldi in Abyssinia who was looking after his flock. The lively goats surprised him. He noticed that they ate mostly from a specific shrub. He informed about his observation to the Priest of the local Church. Out of curiosity, the clergymen decided to taste the berries of that bush. As berries were bitter, they hurled them into the fire.

Soon a tempting aroma covered the room to its brim, inviting them. They made a black drink using those roasted coffee berries. Since then coffee becomes staple drink of evening prayer. Till 15th century, Yemen was the only country growing coffee. Then it spread to the provinces of the Middle East. In the 17th Century, the Dutch established plantations for merchandise of coffee in their colonies of India, Java, and Ceylon.


Other Important milestones in the history of whole bean coffee are:


1554 – A establishment in Constantinople started serving coffee

1654 -Very first coffee house launched in Venice, Italy

1669 – A Turkish ambassador spoke about coffee in the court of Louis the 14th

1686 – The Procope cafe opened in Paris

1706 – The first coffee shrub reached Amsterdam, Europe

1714 – A coffee shrub was given to Versailles, the ancestors of coffee plants in the French colonies

1840 – The British established their coffee production in India

1880 – The plantations of French on the Ivory Coast flourished

1901 – A Japanese chemist made ‘instant’ coffee

2018 – More than 10 million bags of coffee are consumed each year in various variants be it whole bean coffee or pre-ground coffee. From dark to light and subtle to distinctive, different tastes of different people. Americans are biggest fanatics of coffee; an individual consuming about 12 kilos of coffee a year.


How Good Whole Bean Coffee is?


How Good Whole Bean Coffee is?


  1. Fine grind: In case you don’t have traditional pour-over brewers or drip in your kitchen, and you need a fine or coarse grind; whole bean coffee is the right choice for you.
  1. Preservation of freshness: To retain the freshness quotient of coffee, ground coffee or other types must be consumed in a maximum of 1-2 weeks. If your consumption of the selected quantity of coffee is not that frequent in this period of time, whole bean coffee is the solution for you.
  1. Multiple Brewing Methods: You can use various kinds of brewing methods for whole bean coffee every time unlike the case of pre-ground coffee.
  1. Optimal Extraction: You make minor adjustments according to your taste and get an efficacy in the extraction of your coffee.
  1. Amazing Flavors: Coffee lovers or wish to shoo away your Monday blues who crave for most flavorful coffees should choose whole bean coffee.

     6. Aromatic Bliss: A fact not everyone knows is that roasted whole bean coffee contains 950 volatile           compounds which are responsible for its lovely aroma that evaporate into the air after the grinding process.



How to use whole bean coffee in a perfect manner?


  • Firstly, you need a burr grinder or mill grinder.
  • As per your daily consumption, measure and grind the right quantity of whole bean coffee.
  • Check whether correct grind is got else your cup of coffee can be a disaster.
  • Consistency in size of grinding whole bean coffee is quite important. Go for the coarse grind for french press and fine grind for espresso.
  • Consume within 20 minutes of brewing else the caffeine content vanishes in this timeframe.

Tips on getting your best out of your whole bean coffee


  • Cleanliness and maintenance of the grinder is a necessary parameter for the best use of your whole bean coffee.
  • Keep the whole bean coffee in airtight containers or bags sealed to maintain its freshness.
  • Store in a dry cool and dark place to
  • Never pre-grind, else staleness will steal delight of your coffee.


Tips on choosing good quality whole bean coffee


As there are numerous variants and roasters available, it is a dilemma to choose the appropriate coffee. Here are a few tips to get a good jolt for your mornings.


# Explore the market to find the right choice of whole bean coffee for you. There are numerous blends and qualities available.

# Don’t get illusion-ed by attractive packaging or prices.

# Try to get sustainably sourced and organic whole bean coffee.

Whole bean coffee which is oily on the surface should be avoided. As oil might be due to over roasting which will give a burned and bland taste.

# Also, do not consume untraceable coffee without details of where whole bean coffee was brewed and by whom. Question if the roast date is not mentioned in the package.

# Pick the roast as per your taste buds. If you are selecting a really good whole bean coffee, go for light or medium roast to get a caramelized cup of brew.

# Try buying your whole bean coffee from stores where you can sneak peek into the package.

# Higher elevation must be preferred, as lower elevation will be acidic which could upset stomach.

How to use whole bean coffee in a perfect manner


Certifications associated with coffee


Nowadays, you might follow some certifications on the packaging. Some relevant ones include:


Organic: Farmers are approved to use organic methods of coffee farming. They can also have a better price negotiation for selling.


Fairtrade: Fair Trade is responsible for linking of coffee farms with importers and guarantees a minimum cost for their coffee production. This curbs exploitation in remote areas.


Rainforest Alliance: This alliance ensures that your whole bean coffee is sustainably-sourced. It promotes practices on the plantation and ensures the work is sustainable.


Bird Friendly: Shade grew or bird-friendly certification promotes diverse layers of vegetation and various species conserving the health of the environment.


The convenience of instant or pre-ground coffee can never compensate the rich aroma, freshness and delicious flavor of whole bean coffee. It has a guaranteed freshness and tantalizing aroma. Some people may not in love with coffee. But for some individuals, coffee is not just a beverage; it is a pure delicacy for them and drinking coffee is a beloved daily ritual. The process of making coffee is enjoyed by them passionately every single day. Some die-hard lovers of coffee even roast the beans themselves. To relish true essence of coffee, opt for whole bean coffee.

Stay caffeinate

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